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Do you only play weddings?

No! We play everything from baptisms, birthdays, corporate events, christmas parties, public bars/venues and beyond! 

How far in advance do you take bookings?

We take bookings 1-2 years in advance at most, and for the less prepared, we also take bookings the week of depending on availability! The earlier you get in the better!

Do you travel out of Sydney?

Yes! We're able to travel as far as you like! 

What if our ceremony doesn't have accessible power?

Thats okay! Most of the venues we play don't have power, so we have a batter powered speaker we use!

Do you take requests?

Definitely! We can pretty much play any requests you may have, you can also look through our song list to let us know any of your favourites! 


What happens between the live sets?

We will provide an iPod playlist between our sets! Or our DJ will if you have chosen a DJ package!

Do you provide lighting and a wireless microphone?

Yes! We always provide some styling at our gigs. Including a rug, stools, fairy lights and basic stage lighting. 

What if we would like a soloist or other instruments?

We have plenty of lovely friends playing many instruments from strings, horns, percussion if you would like a more specific configuration of band. Anything is possible!

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